incantation 2013

Blood nose, blankets, space intercept, child witch, see-saw, lightning strike, 10-speeds, dirt fall, monster apple, back seat, good cunt bad cunt, rotten fingernail, trap door, ugly nose, hot water sticky sky, pants off, piss bush, cold wind, frozen hair, bus stop, too stoned, pretty boy, soft sack, no drive, jerk off, wood smoke, sand mouth, pleasant trip, aqua strange, moan fuck, wicked cool, night jam, round ass, leather cock, rope truck, drunk yes, dead no, mother gone, lion fight, teeth sink, eyeball spit, morning train, pocket panties, stink pits, grease hair, hollow guts, lock jaw tooth pearl, hunter moon, ketamine carpet, MTV nightmare, torn lip, tent rape, river bath, you drowned, dead woman, best friend, valentine, all gone, vibrates, sorrow shits, toilet cry, cold place, so we left, granite mountain, frozen lake, dark city, blood walls, candle light, piano bitch


world one- slips off, world two burns, world three- frozen broken, world four- requires flight, stained sheets, women’s work, soak beans, break locks, fungus blue, humid grass, gnat chew, sulfur water, sink boats, demon fuck, truck bed, laser beam, cops kill, weed grower, stupid kid, helicopter, clown with gun, AK-47  to your dome, smell of money, sticky hands, baby sleeps, promised land, running drugs, gas tank, out of state plates, prison debt, stare you down, don’t make a sound, pistol whip, crankhead thief, tongue in ass, glassy eye, stolen truck, highway death, cancer patient, narrow escape, don’t call the cops, don’t kill me now, ugly row, junkie excuses, blood on brain, tattoo pink, death drive, pussy juice, carpet burn, break dance, good moves/bad moves, haley’s comet, astroglide, squatter punks, prescription drugs, staph infection, broken heart, box wine, food shelf runs, pregnant teen, head lice, hitchhike, island time, walk alone, airports, modern love, heavy bags, beans and rice, parking lots, camper vans, volcano climb, pacific life, hustle, struggle, doing fine, eat again, shit gain, pick nose, smuggle drugs, launder money, diaper change, weed smoke, stupid kid, redwood tree, broken tractor, outdoor shower, accordion lover, LSD forest, river calliope, call home- never go back. broken teeth, velvet dress, sexy bitch, bicycle gang, chains and spokes, broken shoes, rain on toes, summer flood, radio bean, bent matchstick, precious whore, suck this dick, drunk again, speak Italian, diarrhea, ocean swim, dolphin dreams, suicide machine, empty bed, best boy, electric cock, drive fast, music loud, home surgery, puss filled knee, back porch fuck, lighting bugs, garden weeds, letter write, perforations, salt tongue, sweat lick, babies grow, dogs die, move house, unzip fly, clit finger, learn to surf, book pros, theory head, growing old, ghost sight, cracking bones, in between, punk rock/hip hop, old stoner, little cat, tend garden, clay hands, all forgiven make amends.